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hanging sculpture with rope wire and paint
Rope, paint, wire, chain

When creating this piece, I thought a lot about obstruction. Due to a recent injury I have felt a creative blockage, so many obstacles seem to be preventing me from doing the work I need to do. In life we must adapt to current situations and work with the hands we are dealt, so I decided to focus on materials I could work with and still create sculpture. These materials are used for the purposes of both protection and obstruction.

The materials are important and dependent on each other for stability. Together the rope and paint create a sold form, a nest built over time, wrapped and bound and eventually becoming one united piece. A cocoon of gathered materials, the rope pushes against itself knotting and creating tension while the paint acts as glue, but also shows a moment in time when the material was active and dried in place. The binding and wrapping acts as protection, keeping the piece together but also constricting the form and not allowing the materials to flow freely or separate from the form they have become.