Sculpture > 2018 BFA Exhibition

King Rat
King Rat
Bronze, Steel, Wood

My work is about storytelling with unexpected materials. I aim to reinterpret objects and ideas we all know through the use of sculpture and installation. This work is inspired by cinema, theater, politics and fairy tales. I find it interesting to see the way artists within these fields interpret how we deal with fear, love and loss. I want to use this drama within my work, yet there are no words so the viewer is left to complete the story on their own.

The King Rat knows no boundaries, he’s always around but remains unseen. Surviving off discarded scraps and stolen treasures. He roams freely where humans have no reach, he rules the walls we live within and we fear him because of the unsightly places he thrives.

King Rat becomes personified in this work, he is a character in a story within the work. Bringing life and humor to this piece. The stairs, doorway and Rat and his hole in the wall all depend on each other for this work to be complete and lead the viewer into a place within their own imagination.

Photo credit: Allison Corona